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Empowerment Programs

Women’s empowerment in the developing world is a high-return investment; hence with overwhelming focus on women as drivers of change SAWAC works on the premise that improving social, economic, and political opportunities for women will improve society as a whole. We have pioneered projects to promote opportunities for South Asian women by forging strategic relationships with government institutions, particularly traditional community leaders and religious leaders.

SAWAC practices an integrated approach that promotes gender equality across all programs which includes focus group discussions as well as participation in household decision-making and community-level structures.

SAWAC creates self-help groups and provides vocational training to women in the community to make them economically independent and contribute to the family in a different way by:

  • Expanding women's economic opportunities
  • Increasing women's rights and security
  • Promoting women's participation in political and public life
  • Enhancing women’s sense of worth and dignity


  • Increased participation of women in elections, public leadership, and decision-making
  • Expanded opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship, education, and employment
  • Improved rights and security for women
  • Poverty reduction/income change
  • Food security
  • Gender Equality
  • Jobs and employment