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About us

Based in Montreal, South Asian Women Association of Canada (SAWAC) is a not for profit organization committed to the social development of South Asian community in Canada and to promote cultural diversity. Our versatility coupled with the implementation of comprehensive preventive measures allows us to quickly identify and address critical, yet elusive issues that plague the community. Our team is composed of both experts and volunteers who are dedicated to creating a unique network in which South Asian women across Canada can truly blossom and reach their full potential.


SAWAC’s mission is to alleviate social and economic issues (depression, suicide, poverty etc.) within the South Asian community.And to empower women through specialized programs that are tailored to their needs and ambitions. Our mission also entails promoting the positive contribution of cultural diversity by bridging the gap between cultures. Thus, allowing the South Asian community members to be strong and flexible enough to fully integrate into the Canadian society while maintaining their own individuality.


Being deeply concerned with social justice and gender based topics, SAWAC is adamant in its resolve to bring about positive changes in the society. Thus, our services are based on an approach that aims to provide women with both inspirational and practical means in order to lead a life that is healthy, happy, secure and satisfying. At SAWAC, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’’. Hence, by focusing more on preventive measures, our experts are able to effectively identify and address potential problems before they get out of hand. Being one of the few pioneers in Québec, SAWAC also possesses both the determination and the insight needed to ensure the social and psychological well-being of its members.